Since 1989, BBG has been the real estate industry’s most reliable advocate. Real estate in New York—often referred to as a “contact sport”–requires a discrete set of skills that we have proudly honed for three decades, making us the industry’s “go to” law firm.

We are a team of transactional, regulatory, administrative and litigation attorneys dedicated to providing the highest level of real estate advocacy and counseling.  We are engaged in all aspects of real estate in New York and across the country.

Whether it’s negotiating and executing complex transactions, providing counsel for intricate development plans, advising cooperative and condominium boards in corporate governance, representing clients in courts and administrative agencies, or navigating the “impenetrable thicket” of New York’s byzantine rent regulatory scheme, we offer each of our clients a steady hand, with smart, productive and creative solutions.

It does not matter whether a client is a large developer, institutional investor, small property owner or even an individual trying to navigate the rough waters of the real estate industry; we deliver personalized, practical and results-oriented guidance, by finding the most creative and effective solutions for our clients’ concerns.  As a result of our collective experience, we have had the opportunity to partner with real estate industry groups and trade associations, as well as industry leaders, as not only legal tacticians, but as committed advocates for the rights of property owners. Simply put, the breadth of our knowledge in all matters pertaining to real estate is unrivaled.

And while we are dedicated to providing our clients with the broadest level of knowledge in all aspects of real estate, at its core BBG is a group of attorneys who personally serve each client with loyalty, respect and dignity.

Here at BBG, not only are we effective litigators and negotiators for our clients, we are also a trusted resource.
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