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Courts Dismissed 121K ‘Dead’ Eviction Cases in NYC. What Does it Mean

Mar 28, 2023

Benjamin J. Margolin, Associate, was recently mentioned by a City Limits article, “Courts Dismissed 121K ‘Dead’ Eviction Cases in NYC. What Does it Mean?”


The article quotes Benjamin when talking about the pressure to the court system to slow its pace for calendaring evictions; he stated:


– “If they were just sitting, you could probably make more of an argument that, ‘Yes there’s a crisis which needs further [case] stays because there’s 121,000 potential evictions”

– “Once you finally get to court, assuming [the tenant] paid the couple of months that you sued for, you would have to then seek those additional months thereafter in another case”

– “If you’re dealing with volume cases… I guess a notice to end each case that’s an older index, I guess isn’t something that is always done”


Read the full article here:

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