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DHCR Issues Regulatory Guidance in Connection With RSC Amendments

Nov 22, 2023

In connection with the recently adopted amendments to the Rent Stabilization Code (“Code”), DHCR has revised and reissued a number of its guidance documents, including certain Fact Sheets and Operational Bulletins. The revised documents cover a number of notable topics impacted by the Code amendments, including demolition, succession, and substantial rehabilitation.

The complete list of revised documents is as follows:

According to DHCR, the revisions to are intended to clarify and explain the changes imposed by the Code amendments, which became effective on November 8, 2023. However, despite their efforts, many of the questions posed by amendments remain unanswered by these new publications.

In addition to the above documents, DHCR has indicated that it also intends to make changes to certain fact sheets and operational bulletins concerning vacancy leases, rent reductions for decreased services, and MCI/IAI increases, as well as the NYC Lease Rider and ETPA Standard Lease Addenda.

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