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DOB Now Enforcing Local Law 110

Jan 30, 2020

As of December 5, 2019, the City Department of Buildings (DOB) is now enforcing Local Law 110 of 2019. The law can be accessed here.

This new law requires building owners to provide copies of any notice of a DOB violation issued against a property to all tenants in the building. For a violation in a common area, or any violation that affects all tenants, the owner is required to post a copy of the notice of the violation in the lobby, and a flyer from DOB, no later than five days after the violation is issued. The violation and the flyer are required to remain posted in the building until the summons is resolved.

For a DOB violation issued for a particular apartment, the owner will be required to distribute a copy of the notice of violation, and the flyer, to the resident of that apartment, as well as to the residents of each adjacent apartment.

The law apparently applies to co-ops and condominiums as well as to rental apartment buildings. The DOB service and posting requirements can be accessed here. The flyer can be accessed here.

It is important for owners to follow this law in order to avoid additional fines and penalties from being assessed, in addition to the underlying violation.

Martin Meltzer is a partner in the Firm’s Litigation Department and heads its non-payment practice and can be reached at

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