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Navigating Landlord Tenant Disputes in A Post-COVID World

Jan 27, 2022

Christina M Browne and Noelle Picone, litigation partners of Belkin, Burden, Goldman, LLP, moderated a CLE course on how COVID has affected the litigation and resolution of disputes between landlords and tenants in the New York City area. The enforcement of straight forward lease defaults such as the nonpayment of rent have become more difficult to navigate due to ever changing procedural requirements resulting from numerous Executive and Administrative Orders.

This lecture summarized the current procedural stature of landlord/tenant litigation in the Civil and Supreme Court and provided a practical analysis of the litigation from the perspective of an owner/landlord of non-payment of rent, enforcement of guaranties in commercial leases and the ability to obtain possession of leased premises.
The lecture also took a look at various approaches to the resolution of landlord-tenant disputes both in and outside of the courts.

More about the CLE course on Navigation Landlord Tenant Disputes in a Post-COVID World here



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