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NYC Seeks To Speed Up ‘Kafkaesque’ Housing Approval Steps

Dec 9, 2022

Ron Mandel, Partner, was quoted in the Law360 article “NYC Seeks to Speed Up ‘Kafkaesque’ Housing Approval Steps”, which discusses the plan announced by NYC Mayor Eric Adams to expedite housing construction, releasing proposals aimed at reducing regulations and increasing new housing.

Ron was quoted that developer clients will be pleased with the Mayor’s overall tone; however major boost in new construction will require buy-in from the City Council. He stated, “Historically, the body has deferred to the local council member for ultimate approval of a given rezoning project. You can have a really good project for a neighborhood but because of the deference that City Council as a whole gives, they can have all of this leverage over a developer.”

Additionally, Ron expressed concern about staffing shortages at city agencies — an issue the Mayor acknowledged Thursday.

For a read of the full article, click here:


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