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Sherwin Belkin Quoted by Analyzing Market

May 1, 2024

Sherwin Belkin was quoted by Analyzing Market in the article titled, “Industry Voices Concerns Over NYC’s ‘Good Cause Law’s Impact on Investors.”

According to the article, the new Good Cause Eviction Law in New York City is significantly reshaping the real estate investment landscape. This law introduces stricter rules on eviction and rent increases, leading to heightened concerns among investors. This cautious sentiment arises partly because the law complicates the operation of rental properties in the city.

The law is impacting not only investors but also the broader dynamics of the city’s real estate market. It may prevent landlords from upgrading or constructing new properties, potentially slowing progress and innovation in housing development.

Mr. Belkin contributed to the article by stating that this law might lead landlords to offer tenants in regular apartments more compensation to vacate.

The concerns in New York reflect a global trend of increasing government intervention in markets, a topic discussed in recent International Monetary Fund meetings and evident in issues affecting the UK’s water industry. While these interventions aim to protect tenants, they can also deter investment, potentially exacerbating housing shortages and worsening living conditions over time. This situation highlights the need for a balanced approach that benefits both landlords and tenants in the long term.

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