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Sherwin Belkin was Quoted by City Limits

Jan 4, 2024

Sherwin Belkin was quoted by City Limits in the article titled “Yes and No: Bills Targeting Illegal Rent Increases Diverge On Governor’s Desk.”

The article delves into recent legislative developments in New York City’s rent stabilization laws, focusing on Governor Hochul’s veto of a bill co-sponsored by Senator Kavanagh and Assembly member Jeffrey Dinowitz. The legislation aimed to clarify tenants’ rights to review rent records for potential errors without having to allege fraud, addressing a pivotal aspect of rent stabilization laws. The veto raised concerns among tenant advocates who viewed it as a setback for those identifying suspicious increases in their rent history.

Sherwin Belkin, co-Founding Partner of BBG, emphasized the need to scrutinize the final amendments to the legislation, stating, “Everything is always in the details and the language. Until we see the actual final chapter amendments to the bill, it’s hard to know what the changes are.”

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