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Spotlight on Leadership: Daniel T. Altman Featured by Michelle Kleger

Mar 25, 2024

In a recent engaging podcast, Daniel T. Altman, Co-Managing Partner at Belkin Burden Goldman LLP (BBG), alongside Michelle Kleger, SVP at Kensington Vanguard National Land Services, delved into the operations and expertise of BBG . The conversation illuminated not only the firm’s impactful history but also the personal and professional growth of Mr. Altman within BBG. Below is a summary of the key topics discussed.

A Testament to Growth and Dedication

Daniel Altman’s career at BBG, spanning nearly 34 of the 35 years in business, is a reflection of both personal dedication and the firm’s evolution. From his initial role as the sixth attorney to his current position as Co-Managing Partner, Altman’s journey embodies the firm’s development and his significant contribution to its success.

Beyond Litigation: A Comprehensive Real Estate Practice

While BBG is renowned for its litigation capabilities, the firm’s proficiency extends to a robust transactional department. Specializing in a wide array of real estate transactions across industrial, office, retail, and hospitality sectors, BBG demonstrates its versatility and comprehensive approach to real estate transactions.

Cultivating a Supportive Work Environment

Our firm’s culture is highlighted by the average employee tenure of 12 years, a testament to BBG’s supportive and enriching work environment. This stability is foundational to our collective expertise and the exceptional service we provide to our clients.

Setting BBG Apart: Attention to Detail and Adaptability

BBG distinguishes itself through its thorough and nuanced approach to transactions, ensuring a deep understanding that benefits our clients. This attention to detail and adaptability in addressing complex real estate matters sets us apart in the industry.

Advice for Aspiring Attorneys

Daniel Altman also shared valuable insights for aspiring attorneys, emphasizing the importance of client satisfaction, pursuing passions, and the necessity for continuous learning and networking. Identifying and emulating role models and developing a specialized niche are key to building a successful legal career.

An Invitation from BBG

As a respected real estate law firm in New York City with over three decades of service, BBG is committed to assisting individuals and entities with their real estate needs. Our team’s dedication to excellence and client success underscores our readiness to navigate the complexities of real estate transactions and litigation.

For a deeper understanding of Daniel T. Altman’s insights and BBG’s expertise, we encourage you to watch the full podcast episode through the provided link or contact us here.

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