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Squatters and Property Damage: Fox Business Features Daniel P. Phillips

Jun 23, 2023

Last night (June 22, 2023), Daniel P. Phillips, a Partner at Belkin Burden Goldman, LLP, was featured on Fox Business to discuss the issue of squatters and the resulting property damage faced by landlords.

Fox Business showcased a vandalized home that was initially in pristine condition before being leased to a tenant who stopped paying rent after two months and occupied the property for over a year and a half. It was reported that as of May 2023, the rent debt for 5.1 million households amounts to $10.8 billion, significantly burdening landlords. While acknowledging the current housing situation and the issue of homelessness, the property manager expressed empathy, but emphasized the substantial cost of cleaning up the damage, which ultimately affects tenants who consistently pay their rent on time.

Mr. Phillips, a specialist in representing landlords, commented that most squatters know how to game the system, and the process of eviction can take several months, sometimes even up to a year or more.

Belkin Burden Goldman, LLP, has extensive experience in assisting landlords and resolving squatter situations, as well as other Landlord and Tenant Disputes. BBG invites you to reach out to contact us at for assistance if you are facing a similar situation.


Fox News interviews Daniel Phillips.
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