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The Problems With New York’s ‘Good Cause Eviction’ Bill, With Sherwin Belkin

Feb 4, 2022

Founding real estate law partner, Sherwin Belkin, was recently interviewed by Scott Hawksworth from, to discuss the Senate Bill S3082, or the “Good Cause Eviction” Bill.  The discussion highlights include:


  • What Sherwin thought of the NY Times video he was featured in.
  • Why calling it the “Good Cause Eviction’ Bill is a loaded title.
  • The problems with the language used in S3082.
  • Why rent controls in places like New York City create negative outcomes for tenants and landlords.
  • What unintended negative consequences could result from S3082 passing in New York.
  • The impact additional legislation targeting the real estate industry (particularly multifamily) and complex regulation has on investor  and development  interest in New York.
  • Sherwin’s alternative ideas for legislation addressing the challenges tenants may face with rising housing costs.
  • What the future may hold for multifamily real estate in New York.


Scott Hawksworth “The Problems With New York’s ‘Good Cause Eviction’ Bill, With Sherwin Belkin”

February 1, 2022,

To listen to the full discussion, please go to MultiFamily Investor.

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