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Virtual Is Now A Reality For Condos, Too!

Jul 8, 2022

Condominiums have now joined co-ops in being able to (legally) conduct Unit Owner meetings electronically, on platforms such as Zoom.

On June 30, 2022–nearly one full year after it was first introduced–Governor Hochul finally signed Senate Bill 7278 into law, enacting for condominiums the same “virtual meeting” rights that co-ops have enjoyed since 2019.

The Bill amends Real Property Law section 339-v to permit condominiums to conduct their Unit Owner meetings wholly in person at a specified location, or wholly electronically, or by a combination of the two (with Unit Owners being free to attend hybrid meetings in person or electronically, as they desire). As such, the new law explicitly permits what many condominiums have been doing in practice since the pandemic began.

Condominiums and managing agents have perfected the process for conducting virtual Unit Owner meetings over the past two years, with the relative efficiency, civility and effectiveness of such virtual meetings, and likely see no reason to ever go back to “the old days”. Now, they legally don’t have to.

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