New York City Loft Law

The New York City Loft Law affects certain buildings that have residential use in units that do not have a residential certificate of occupancy and meet other specific requirements.  The New York City Loft Board governs the conversion of these Interim Multiple Dwellings (IMD) from commercial to residential use.  With over 30 years of experience representing owners, our attorneys will provide legal counsel in navigating this extensive body of law.

Areas of Focus in Loft Law Matters

  • Due diligence regarding the potential purchase and/or sale of Loft buildings
  • Due diligence on potential issues regarding Loft coverage and protection
  • Loft Board Enforcement
  • Loft Agreements Pursuant to Multiple Dwelling Law §286(6) and (12)
  • The Narrative Statement Process
  • Letters of No Objection
  • Trials and appeals
  • Agreements related to access and protection for legalization purposes

Our attorneys represent building owners before the Loft Board, OATH, the Department of Buildings, the Board of Standards and Appeals, Civil and Supreme Court in loft matters such as coverage claims, registration, rent profiteering and illegal subletting, non-primary residence, legalization mediation, the negotiation of surrender, access and relocation agreements, rent regulation/deregulation, and removal from the Loft Board’s jurisdiction.

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This legislation is highly complex and building owners are encouraged to contact our attorneys to learn more about how the these rules could affect them.  Should you like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website.

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