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BBG Solidifies Significant Win Involving Dismissal of 1993 Tenant Claim

Aug 14, 2023

BBG Solidifies Another Significant Win!!

BBG has achieved a significant victory for its client by obtaining a summary judgment that dismissed a tenant’s improper deregulation and overcharge claim dating back to 1993. The case was handled by David Skaller, Daniel Phillips, and Anthony Morreale.

Although the court decided not to limit the lookback period for status, as anticipated, it held that the landlord properly established proper deregulation and refuted the tenant’s assertion that the landlord was required to provide proof of IAIs to substantiate the a rent increase in 1993.

Remarkably, the court granted summary judgment without any discovery being produced in response to the tenant’s demands. Additionally, the court upheld the pre-HSTPA law, which does not mandate landlords to produce or retain documents related to IAIs beyond the 4-year period before the most recent registration.

For the complete decision, you can access it here. Should you have any questions about how this might affect your own case(s), please feel free to contact us.

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