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Fox News Features Daniel Phillips – Tips on Preventing Squatting

Apr 20, 2024

Fox News featured Daniel Phillips in the article titled, “6 Ways Homeowners and Landlords Can Protect Themselves Against Squatters.” The article addresses the growing problem of squatting in the United States, where strangers unlawfully occupy the properties of homeowners and refuse to leave, creating legal and personal nightmares for property owners. Squatting has gained attention due to numerous high-profile incidents, leading to concerns among homeowners about their rights and safety.

Mr. Phillips provides insights on how homeowners and landlords can protect themselves against squatters, offering six helpful ways to mitigate risks associated with unlawful occupants:

  • Vigilance: Phillips recommends installing security cameras and hiring security personnel for commercial properties. Regular property inspections and management services are also advised.
  • Security: He stresses the importance of securing all potential entry points, including doors, windows, and locks, to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Discretion: Homeowners and landlords should avoid advertising the vacancy of a property, especially under circumstances like foreclosure or following an owner’s death.
  • Appearances: Maintaining the property in good condition is crucial to avoid it appearing abandoned, which can attract squatters.
  • Recordkeeping: Phillips highlights the importance of keeping certified ownership records and other relevant documents readily available for legal or law enforcement needs.
  • Law Enforcement: He strongly advises against property owners attempting to remove squatters on their own. Instead, they should engage local authorities with the proper documentation to legally address the situation.

If you are encountering a situation like this or would like our assistance to help mitigate the risks of it happening, please contact us.

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