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Appellate Litigation

New York State and Federal appellate litigation provide a mechanism for obtaining review of decisions by lower level courts and establishing legal precedents.

Our appellate litigation lawyers have extensive experience prosecuting and defending appeals of Housing Court decisions filed at the Appellate Term and appeals of Supreme Court decisions filed at the Appellate Division, in both the First and Second Judicial Departments.  We regularly prosecute and defend appeals in New York’s highest court-the court of Appeals. We can assist in all phases of the appellate process, including identifying strengths and weaknesses in the appellate record, preparing briefs, attending oral argument and filing (or opposing) applications for subsequent appellate review by higher courts.

Whether an appeal involves questions of law or fact in any of our practice areas, our attorneys assist in advising clients as to whether an appeal is viable, likely to succeed or cost-effective in consideration of our clients’ overall goals and outlook

Should you like to analyze a potential appeal, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website.

Here at BBG, not only are we effective litigators and negotiators for our clients, we are also a trusted resource.

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