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Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights

Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights

Consumers have rights when they file for bankruptcy, but many forget that creditors – landlords and lenders – have corresponding rights, too. While their customers are looking to liquidate or reorganize their debts, creditors are rightfully focused on and lawfully justified in, seeking what they are duly entitled. We help them with that.

When someone files for bankruptcy, his or her financial future may improve and become clearer. For a creditor, a business can be at stake by not being able to collect on a debt. Our goal is to develop a strategic plan to achieve maximum recovery of the debt. That can come about through a variety of means, which include negotiations, alternative dispute resolution methods, or litigation when necessary. Our attorneys specialize in lift-stay motions, obtaining post-petition use and occupancy and filing proofs of claims on behalf of landlords and lenders.

We also provide representation to property owners and developers facing bankruptcy, to help them safeguard their business interests. They need aggressive advocacy just as much as creditors and bankers need an ally to protect their rights. At BBG, our bankruptcy/creditors’ rights attorneys represent our clients at all bankruptcy proceedings.

In addition to providing bankruptcy/creditors’ rights representation for our clients, we also counsel them on related financial matters. Whether they are on the verge of bankruptcy or are looking to assert their rights as a creditor, we advocate on their behalf and try to find the best possible solution for them.

Here at BBG, not only are we effective litigators and negotiators for our clients, we are also a trusted resource.

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