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David Skaller Recognized Among Top 10 Real Estate Litigators in New York by Business Today!

Nov 17, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that Business Today has spotlighted our Partner, David Skaller, as one of the top 10 real estate litigators in New York. In the dynamic realm of real estate, litigation is a constant, requiring the expertise of exceptional legal professionals.

As per Business Today’s article, “David M. Skaller, of Belkin Burden Goldman, LLP, earns high praise within the industry for his prowess in handling real estate mandates. This litigator is a formidable force in the courtroom.”

Skaller stands out among New York’s legal elite, focusing on landlord and tenant matters in NYC. His extensive experience and profound understanding of the complexities within New York’s real estate law framework set him apart. As the co-head of the firm’s Litigation Department, Skaller specializes in non-primary residence, succession, nuisance, holdovers, commercial litigation, buyouts, and demolition.

Notably, he successfully represented the owner in the groundbreaking non-primary residence proceeding of Emil v. Carey, introducing video recordings as evidence.

Join us in congratulating David for this well-deserved recognition!

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